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My Canuck C-FDQM ser; 065
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The first Fleet Canuck was test flown from the Hamilton Airport at Mount Hope late in 1944 by T. Borden Fawcett.

My Fleet Canuck C-FDQM - Fully Restored in 1996 at home CSD3.

A favorite with Canadian pilots, this lightweight side-by-side two-seater can be fitted with wheels, floats, or skis. The sturdy all metal frame, covered with fabric, is powered by a Continental four-cylinder 85- or 90-hp engine (C-FDQM has been retrofitted and approved with a Continental 100 hp O-200). Most of the Fleet 80's flying today have been modified with improved heaters and cowling systems, updated Ceconite covering, and additional gyros and radios. Designed especially for Canadian flying conditions, the Canuck is still traded fairly regularly in Canada, and many Canadian pilots have received primary pilot training in this Fleet airplane.

C-FDQM taking off at CSS3 June 13, 2002.



Manufacturer: Fleet Aircraft Company Ltd., Canada , Fort Erie. CANADA
Designation: Model 80
Nickname: Canuck
Serial No: 065  
Registration: C-FDQM
Type: Sport, Touring, Trainer
Length: 22' 5" 6.85 M
Height: 7' 1" 2.16 M
Wingspan: 34' 0" 10.36 M
Empty Weight: 858 Lbs 386 Kg
Gross Weight: 1,480 Lbs 666 Kg
Powerplant: Continental O-200A  
Horsepower 100 Hp 76 Kw
Propeller: McCauley 1A101/DCM6948  
Avionics: Narco 700 NAV/COM, KI-208 VOR, KT-76A Mode C Xpdr
Range: 460 Miles 740 Km
Stall Speed: 48 Mph 72 Km/H 42 Kt
Cruise Speed: 102 Mph 162 Km/H 90 Kt
Max Speed: 114 Mph 182 Km/H 100 Kt
Climb: 550 Ft/min 168 M/min
Ceiling: 12,000 Ft 3,660 M


C-FDQM at the Ottawa Air Museum April 10, 2002.

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