TRS-80 Items
TRS-80 Video Display
Made by RCA in Nov. 1979 
Used with the TRS-80 model 1
I have two of these rare monitor 
Number 1; 
  • sn:948323921
  • Model 26-8201
This one was given by Jean-Pierre Newby (1997)
Number 2; 
  • sn:015455748
  • Model 26-8201
TRS-80 Computer Cassette recorder
Used with the TRS-80 series computers. 
  • sn:669847
  • Model 26-1208
TRS-80 Microcomputer Expansion Interface
Used with TRS-80 Model 1 computers. 
  • Model; 26-1140
  • sn; 047949
TRS-80 Disk Unit
Used with TRS-80 Model 1 computers. 
  • Model; 26-1160
  • sn; na
TRS-80 Line Printer VI

Given by Jean-Pierre Newby
The Line printer VI is a high-speed, dot-matrix impact printer. 
The printer includes a parallel interface for connection to the TRS-80 Expansion Interface, TRS-80 Model I, II or III. 
This unit weight is 32 lbs, and measure 24"x13"x6" 
  • Model; 26-1166
  • Sn; 2A38190
  • Bidirectional
  • Up to 132 character per line
  • Paper width up to 15 inches
8 inches floppy used in the early 80's on TRS-80's.

In 1971 an IBM team, originally led by Alan Shugart, invented the 8-inch floppy diskette. It was initially designed or use in loading microcode into the controller for the "Merlin" (IBM 3330) disk pack file. It quickly won widespread acceptance as a program and data-storage medium. Unlike hard drives, a user could easily transfer a floppy in its protective jacket from one drive to another. 
Tandy Acoustic Coupler 2 (1986)
Cat. No. 26-3818

The Tandy Acoustic Coupler 2 enables your Portable Computer to be connected to a telephone that does not allow direct connection.