TRS-80 model 102 Portable Computer
This was the last machine that Bill Gates wrote codes for.
In March 1983, Radio Shack announces its TRS-80 model 100 portable Computer. It uses an 80c85 processor, and is based on the NEC PC-8201,  which is built by Kyoto Ceramics (Kyocera). 
It features 40x8 text, 240x64 graphics, and runs on four AA alkaline batteries, powering it for about 20 hours. Price is US$800 for 8KB version, or US$1000 for the 24KB version. The model 102 was introduced in 1986 and was priced at $499. 
  • Model 26-3803
  • 80c85 CPU
  • 24K RAM
  • Display 8 lines x 40 characters (LCD)
  • Basic and a Word processor are in ROM.
  • Built-in modem and RS-232C.
  • 1 Parallel Port.
  • I have 2 model 102
    • SN;707003302
    • SN;805200388

    The back of the 102
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