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--- Question 1 ---
In the movie Star Trek IV, The Voyage Home, Scotty makes a mistake in attempting to communicate with a twentieth century computer by speaking into the wrong peripheral device. What was the device?
--- Question 2 ---
Who invented the mouse?
--- Question 3 ---
SEGA is the name of a popular manufacturer of computer video games, What do the letters SEGA stand for?
--- Question 4 ---
General Douglas MacArthur was once the chairman of the board of a computer company. Witch one?
--- Question 5 ---
What are Archies and Veronica?
--- Question 6 ---
What famous economic advisor appeared in an ad for Apple Computer in 1985?
--- Question 7 ---
Before it became animated, what time was the Apple Macintosh watch icon set to?
--- Question 8 ---
PDP is a trademark of Digital Equipment Corporation, PDP was an acronym for what phrase?
--- Question 9 ---
In 1994, what was the most widely installed PC operating system?
--- Question 10 ---
During World War II, the Allies used computers to decode secret messages written by Nazis using a special machine that could both encode and decode information. What was the name of this machine?
--- Question 11 ---
What famous actor tried to steal IBM customers away to Apple Computer in an early Apple II TV ad?
--- Question 12 ---
What was the first home computer to sell a million units?
--- Question 13 ---
In what medium did Bill Gates's first BASIC interpreter for the Altair appear?
--- Question 14 ---
Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak are best known as the creators of the Apple computer, but they also designed a popular arcade game for Atari. What was it?
--- Question 15 ---
What famous computer personality served as grand marshal in the 1986 Orange Bowl Parade?
--- Question 16 ---
Who, along with Bill Gates, cofounded Microsoft?
--- Question 17 ---
What company owned Compuserve in 1997?
--- Question 18 ---
In 1972, Nolan Bushnell and Ted Dabney pooled their available funds to start Atari Corporation. How much did each put in?
--- Question 19 ---
The term "byte" was coined during the development of the IBM Strech computer in 1956. In what year did the byte become a de facto industry standard?
--- Question 20 ---
Microsoft produced one software package in 1976 that reportedly never sold a single copy. What was?
--- And a final question ---
On Wed Oct 21 19:29:34 EDT 1998 Bill Gates the III was worth how much money in US dollars?