UNIT SOLD = 125,000 (1982)

Model: OCC1
Ser no.: ca123533
In November 1971, Intel introduces its 4-bit bus, 108-KHz 4004 chip - the first microprocessor.
The documentation manuals were written by Adam Osborne.
In march of 1980, at the West Coast Computer Faire, Adam Osborne approaches
Lee Felsenstein with the idea of starting a computer company.
In january 1981, Osborne Computer Corporation is incorporated.
In april 1981, Adam Osborne, of Osborne Computer Corporation, introduces the Osborne 1 Personal Business Computer at the West Coast  Computer Faire. It features a Z80A CPU, 5-inch display, 64KB RAM, keyboard, keypad, modem,
and two 5.25-inch 100KB disk drives for US$1795.
It also includes US$1500 worth of software, including CP/M, BASIC, WordStar, and SuperCalc.
Osborne anticipated selling 10,000 in total, but sales quickly reached 10,000 in a single month.
In september 1981, Osborne Computer Company has its first US$1 million sales month.
In september 1983, Osborne Computer Corp. files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.
SIZE measured with case closed 
20.5 inches wide 
14.5 inches deep 
8.5 inches high 

26.2 lbs (shipping weight 34 lbs.) 

Leather handle for carrying 
When closed, unit is weather resistant 
Unit sized to fit under standard airline seat 
120 volt detachable power cord stows within case with cover secured 
High impact plastic case meet UL 94VO flame retardance specifications 

120 volts AC 50-60 hz 
37 watts maximum 
Configurable to 220 AC 50-60 hz 
Switching power supply 

Convection cooled; no fan 
Maximum operating ambient air temperature 85 degrees F 
Humidity  - 95% relative, non-condensing 
Minimum operating air temperature 32 degrees F 

4K byte memory-mapped display memory in top page of main memory 
9 bit wide display memory-7 bit ASCII plus underline and half-intensity attributes 
Scrolling performed by hardware in vertical and horizontal directions 
Solid underline cursor 
White video on dark background 
24 lines of 52 characters visible 
32 lines of 128 characters video memory over which window may be moved 
10 scan lines per character line 
Cursor on lowest scan 
Character set 
96 upper and lower case characters 
32 graphics characters 
Video monitor 
Size of video area 3.55" horiz. 2.63" vert. 
P4 phosphor 
Linearity 10% adjacent characters, 15% overall 
64 microseconds per scan 
16.666 milliseconds per vertical sweep 
12 microseconds horizontal blanking 
1.28 milliseconds vertical blanking
Three-wire grounded power plug 
Fuse integral to AC receptacle
Thermal cutoff opens when internal temperature exceeds 150 degrees F (resets at 130 degrees F) 
Power supply shuts off under overload conditions 

69-key detachable keyboard, full-travel sloped keytops includes 12-key numeric keypad 
Power on-off switch in rear 
Reset pushbutton on front panel 
Brightness and contrast controls on front panel 

Processor-Z80A, 4MHz CPU clock 
Memory size-64K bytes programmable (RAM) 
4K read-only memory bank-switched 
60K of programmable memory available for software 

Program in read-only memory executes without delay 
Programmable memory adds average delay times as follows:
First Ml cycle-188 nsec 
Subsequent consecutive Ml cycles-0 sec 
Non-Ml cycles-375 nsec 

Serial RS-232C 
1200 or 300 baud, selectable in software 
DTR (pin20) handshaking input to control transmission data 
Modem-9 pin plug for use with external DCE type modem 
Adapter allows connection of modem and printer simultaneously 
IEEE-488 (General Purpose Instrumentation Bus) Controller only, talker and listener 
Keyboard-connects to keyboard through detachable cable 
External video-drives non-composite TTL video monitor supplied as option (same format as 24X52) 
Battery adapter-allows operation with external battery pack 

5.25 inch diskettes, single sided, soft sectored 
Storage provided for 30 diskettes max 
40 tracks per diskette 
10 sectors per track 
256 bytes per sector 
Max. seek time 20 milliseconds track-to-track 
Rotation time 200 milliseconds 
Recording standard-FM 
Controller type 1793 
Computer corporation
28538 Danti Court
Hayward, California 94545
TWX 910-383-2021

Model; OCC1
Sn; 246868

This one has the matching modem that fits into compartment on the left.

I have a third OSBORNE 1 - Model; OCC1 Ser; ca142386