This computer was given by 
Louis-Philippe Dube.
Released at the same time as the Mac II, (March 2, 1987) the Mac SE further addressed the issue of expansion. It came in a new platinum case, had an expansion slot, and included a bay for either a second internal floppy drive, or an internal hard drive.  The SE was discontinued August 1, 1989. 
  • CPU; 68000, 8 MHz
  • 256k ROM
  • 1 MB of RAM, expandable to 4 MB
  • It included a SCSI port
  • and was also one of the first Macs to include an Apple Desktop Bus (ADB), which allowed for up to 16 input devices
  • It sold for $2,898 for a dual floppy configuration.
  • Beginning in 1989 the SE included a Super Drive, which could read and write on High Density disks. 
  • Model no. M5010
  • Sn; F7417GNM5010
The one in the picture as a RoDime 60 megs hard drive. 

It included a carring bag.
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