More than 20 years ago in July!

-Radio Electronics magazine publishes an article on building a Mark-8 microcomputer, designed by Jonathan Titus, using the Intel 8008.

-Bill Gates and Paul Allen sign a licensing agreement with MITS, for their implementation of the BASIC language. Bill Gates and Paul Allen ship 4K and 8K version of BASIC v2.0.
-Dick Heiser opens Arrow Head Computer Company, subtitled "The Computer Store", in Los Angeles, selling assembled Altairs, boards, peripherals, and magazines.

-The Apple I computer board is sold in kit form, and delivered to stores by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. Price: US$666.66.
-Paul Terrell orders 50 Apple computers from Steve Jobs, for his Byte Shop.
-Zilog releases the Z-80, an 8-bit microprocessor whose instruction set is a superset of the Intel 8080.

-Microsoft ships "Microsoft FORTRAN" for CP/M-based computers.

-Apple Computer releases DOS 3.2.1.
-CompuServe begins a service to computer hobbyists called MicroNET, offering bulletin boards, databases, and games.

-Radio Shack introduces the TRS-80 Model III. It uses the Zilog Z80 CPU, and is priced from US$700 to US$2500.
-Radio Shack introduces the TRS-80 Color Computer. It uses the Motorola 6809E CPU, comes with 4KB RAM, and sells for US$400.
-Radio Shack introduces the TRS-80 Pocket Computer. It features a 24 character display, with 1.9KB of programmable memory. Price is US$230.
-Radio Shack introduces the Daisy Wheel Printer II for US$1960.
-The last issue of S-Eighty is published.
-IBM representatives meet with Microsoft's Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer to talk about Microsoft products, and home computers.
-IBM asks Bill Gates to write the operating system for their upcoming PC.