The "I'm proud to be Canadian" Hyperion is a DOS PC that was manufactured in Kanata (near Ottawa) in the mid-1980's. It received considerable government subsidies and, while it was considered well-designed and manufactured and a real threat to the Compaq Portable, the Ottawa, Ontario, Canada firm that designed it, was unable to gather the momentum Compaq did and the rest is history.
This computer was build by Bytec-Comterm Inc. Date Code: August of 1984.
  • Model=3032
  • SN=007349
  • 25 pounds
  • IBM PC compatible
  • Intel 8088 chip
  • 256K RAM
  • 2x360K floppies
  • 6 inch. amber screen
  • Full size keyboard
  • 300bds modem
  • Serial port
  • Printer port
  • video out connection
  • In 1984 it sold for, $3690.00
  • Dimension: H=9 inch. W=18 inch. D=11 inch.

The back of the Hyperion, notice the memory pack bottom right.