HP 9835A Desktop Computer

This computer was given by Richard Hennick
Made in the USA in 1979
SN: 1749A00974
Display: The 9835A comes with an 80 character by 24 line CRT display.
ROM: There are several plug-in option ROMs they are; RAM: The standard memory is 49962 bytes the following are memory options; Printer: A 16 character, thermal printer for hard copy was an option and it used blue printout, heat sensitive (thermal) paper. It's would be located just right of the CRT in the computer. (The CRT can be moved left to change the paper).
Language: An enhanced form of BASIC programming language is used. The computer also has many math, trigonometric, string, output, and error functions. You also have many commands for controlling computer operation and editing programs.

Price: In 1982, it sold for $10,900.US