Introduced in 1985 by Intelligent Systems Corp. 
The Datavue products were revolutionary, a 12-pounds portable made by Sortec of Japan called the Datavue 25
As portable as a briefcase. It's low weight, and optional battery pack, make it an ideal companion for the business person on the go. 
It runs on Microsoft DOS and BASIC. 

  • CPU; 80C86 
  • RAM; 640K
  • Disk drive; 51/4 inch drive plus a unique internal RAM disk with up to 360K memory.
  • Optional add-on disk drive.
  • Display; LCD, 80 column, 25 line screen.
  • Keyboard; detachable cordless 83 keys.
  • Serial and parallel connections.
  • Optional add-on expansion chassis.
  • SN; 510200138
Datavue 25 closed.

Datavue 25 screen display.