Adam computer
June 1983, Coleco announces the Coleco Adam, at the Summer CES. 
The Adam is a Z80-based computer with 80-column SmartWriter daisy wheel printer (it is also the power supply), two game controllers. Compatibility with ColecoVision games, for US$600. 
  • Z80 CPU with 80k of RAM.(64KB user RAM)
  • 16KB video RAM
  • comes with 32k ROM.
  • 3 sound channels.
  • 16 color graphics.
  • Built in wordprocessor (SmartWRITER).
  • 4 MC6801 microprocessors controlling operation of peripherals.
  • A keyboard with 75 keys.
  • 3 internal slots.
  • Tape-cartridge device. Each tape holds 256 kbytes (for a total of 512 kbytes) of data and tape operations are high speed.
  • A bus expansion.
  • And the "AdamNET" high speed LAN for connecting the keyboard, daisy wheel printer, and disk drives. 
  • Made in Amsterdam, NY, U.S.A.
  • Model; 2410CPU
  • Sn; A5158946
The back of the Adam
This is the SmartWriter Printer/Power supply on the left of the Adam.
  • Sn; N0658574
  • Model; 41021