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TRS-80 Model II


May 1979, Tandy Radio Shack announces the TRS-80 Model II.
Oct. 1979, Radio Shack begins shipping the TRS-80 Model II to users.
The model II was a "business" computers, more than anything else.
The main difference between it and the others was in the use of 8 inch disk drives.
The price was $3450.00

  • CPU; Z-80A, 4 MHz
  • RAM; 32K bytes
  • Video; Display has its own LSI controller chip. 
  • Video display offers two modes:
    • 80 characters by 24 lines.
    • 40 characters by 24 lines.
    • Full ASCII set upper and lower case.
    • 32 graphics characters.
  • Floppy Drive: Built-in 8 inch (509,184 bytes per disk)
  • Up to 3 more drives can be added in an external Expansion Unit.
  • Ports:
    • 2 serial (RS-232-C)
    • 1 parallel
    • Floppy disk I/O for Expansion Unit.
    • The display Console also provides connectors and slots for future expansion.
    • Model # ; 26-4002
    • Sn; 6  4047777
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