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More than 20 years ago in September!

-Texas Instruments unveils its first line of electronic calculators, the TI-2500, TI-3000, and TI-3500.

-Creative Computing, the first magazine for home computerists, is founded.
-Hal Singer starts the Micro-8 Newsletter for enthusiasts of the Mark-8.
-Despite being US$300,000 in debt, Ed Roberts is able to borrow an additional US$65,000 from the bank to complete work on what would be the Altair.

-IBM's Entry Level Systems unit unveils "Project Mercury", the IBM 5100 Portable Computer. It is a briefcase-size minicomputer with BASIC, 16KB RAM, tape storage, and built-in 5-inch screen. Price: US$9000. Weight: 55 pounds.
-The first issue of Byte magazine is published.

-Computer Shack is incorporated. The name is later changed to ComputerLand, due to objections from Radio Shack.

-One month after launching the TRS-80, 10,000 are sold, despite sales projections of only 3,000 per year.

-Motorola's 68000 16-bit microprocessor appears.
-IMSAI closes.
-Apple Computer sells 35,000 Apple II computers for the fiscal year.

-Microsoft decides to propose to IBM that they provide the operating system for IBM's microcomputer.
-The "Dirty Dozen" is formed, the 12 engineers assembled to design and build the IBM PC, in Boca Raton, Florida. The PC's code name is Acorn.
-Apple Computer sells over 78,000 Apple II computers during the fiscal year.
-The first issue of Softalk magazine for Apple Computer products appears.
-Tim Patterson shows Microsoft his 86-DOS, written for the 8086 chip.
-Software Publishing ships the pfs:File database program.
-IBM meets with Microsoft again, to formalize plans to work together in creating a new microcomputer.