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More than 20 years ago in November!

-Intel introduces its 4-bit bus, 108-KHz 4004 chip - the first commercially available microprocessor. Initial price is US$200. Speed is 60,000 operations per second. It uses 2300 transistors. It can address 640 bytes. Documentation manuals were written by Adam Osborne.

-Intel releases its 108-KHz 8008 chip, the first 8-bit commercially available microprocessor. It accesses 16KB of memory. The processor was originally developed for Computer Terminal Corporation (later called DataPoint). It uses 3500 transistors.
-Atari is founded by Nolan Bushnell, and ships Pong, the first commercial video game.

-Hal Chamberlin and others begin publishing The Computer Hobbyist magazine.

-The tradename "Microsoft" is registered.
-ComputerLand opens a pilot store in Heyward, California, as a retail outlet and a training facility for franchise owners.
-Paul Allen resigns from MITS.

-Apple Computer releases Applesoft, a version of BASIC with floating-point capabilities. It is licenced from Microsoft.
-Paul Terrell sells his chain of 74 Byte Shops, valued at US$4 million.

-Texas Instruments begins shipping the TI 99/4.
-ComputerLand grows to include 100 franchises.

-Microsoft and IBM sign a contract for Microsoft to develop certain software products for IBM's microcomputer.
-Atari sponsers the First National (US) Space Invaders Competition, in New York. Bill Heineman of Whittier, California scores 165,200 to win an Asteroids Table Top Video Game.