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More than 20 years ago in March!

-Fred Moore and Gordon French hold the first meeting of a new microcomputer hobbyist's club in French's garage, in Menlo Park, California. 32 people meet, including Bob Albrect, Steve Dompier, Lee Felsenstein, Bob Marsh, Tom Pittman, Marty Spergel, Alan Baum, and Steven Wozniak. Bob Albrect shows off an Altair, and Steve Dompier reports on MITS, and how they had 4000 orders for the Altair.
-Ed Roberts hires Paul Allen as director of software at MITS.

-Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs finish work on a computer circuit board, that they call the Apple I computer.
-The First World Altair Computer Convention is held in Albuquerque, New Mexico.
-Paul Terrell incorporates Byte, Inc.

-The Second West Coast Computer Fair is held, in San Jose, California.

-Zilog ships samples of the 16-bit Z-8000 processor.

-Atari ad: "Atari promises to be the most popular Personal Computer System of the 1980's!".
-Microsoft Corp. announces its first hardware product, the Z-80 SoftCard for the Apple II. This card gives the Apple II CP/M capability, contributing greatly to Apple Computer's success. The card includes CP/M and Microsoft's Disk BASIC, all for US$349. The announcement is made at the West Coast Computer Faire in San Francisco. Tim Patterson of Seattle Computer Products had built several prototypes before Microsoft's Don Burtis took over the project. In its first year of release, 25,000 units are sold.
-Satellite Software International ships WordPerfect 1.0 for Data General minicomputers.
-At the West Coast Computer Faire, Adam Osborne approaches Les Felsenstein with the idea of starting a computer company.