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More than 20 years ago in June!

-Teletype ships its Model 33 keyboard and punched-tape terminal, used for input and output on many early microcomputers.

-The first Consumer Electronics Show is held in New York City.

-The term "microcomputer" first appears in print, in reference to the Micral.

-Texas Instruments receives a patent for miniature electronic calculators.

-MOS Technology announces the MC6501 at US$20 and the MC6502 at US$25. At this point, the Intel 8080 costs about US$150.
-Bob Marsh delivers the first Processor Technology 4KB memory boards for the Altair.
-The Southern California Computer Society is formed.
-The National Computer Conference is held in Anaheim, California.
-Paul Terrell signs a deal with MITS in which Terrell would receive a 5% commission on every Altair sold in Northern California, for promoting and selling the Altair.

-The Western Digital MCP-1600 3-chip CPU appears.
-The Texas Instruments TMS 9900, one of the first true 16-bit microprocessors, appears.
-The Midwest Area Computer Club conference is held.
-Processor Technology unveils the Sol-20 to the public at PC '76 at the Shelbourne Hotel in Atlantic City. It is sold in kit form, using the Intel 8080 CPU.

-Camp Retupmoc, the first week-long computer camp, is held in Terre Haute, Indiana.
-Apple II computers are shipped to Europe by independent distributor Eurapple.

-Intel releases its 8086 microprocessor. It uses 16-bit registers, a 16-bit data bus, and 29,000 transistors. Price is US$360. It can access 1 MB of memory.
-Microsoft ships Microsoft COBOL.
-Apple Computer introduces the Disk II, a 5.25 inch floppy disk drive linked to the Apple II by cable. Price: US$495, including controller card.
-The National Computer Conference is held in Anaheim, California. Attendance is 57,240.
-Pertec ceases production of the Altair.

-The Source telecommunications service goes online.
-Apple Computer introduces the Apple II Plus, with 48KB memory, for US$1195.
-Apple Computer introduces its first printer, the Apple Silentype, for US$600. It is a Trendcom Model 200, released under the Apple name.
-Texas Instruments introduces the TI-99/4 personal computer, for an initial price of US$1500. It uses the TI 9940 16-bit microprocessor.
-MicroPro releases the WordStar word processor, written by Rob Barnaby.
-Microsoft announces Microsoft BASIC 8086 at the National Computer Conference.

-Seagate Technologies announces the first Winchester 5.25-inch hard disk drive.
-Steve Ballmer joins Microsoft.
-Shugart begins selling Winchester hard-disk drives.