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More than 20 years ago in January!

-Harry Garland and Roger Melen receive Altair number 0002. They had proposed in December to attach their Cyclops camera to the Altair, for use as a security camera.

-David Jackson founds Altos Computer Systems.
-Paul Terrell begins signing dealership agreements, allowing Byte Shop franchises to open elsewhere in the US.

-The Apple Computer Company is incorporated.
-Apple employees move into an office on Steven Creek Boulevard in Cupertino, California.
-A working model of the first Radio Shack computer is demonstrated to company president, Charles Tandy.
-Xerox puts David Liddle in charge of developing the Alto computer into a marketable product.

-Apple Computer demonstrates its first working prototype Apple II disk drive at the Consumer Electronics Show, in Las Vegas.
-Ward Christianson and Randy Suess begin building the Computerized Bulletin Board System, in Chicago, Illinois.

-Microsoft moves its offices from Albuquerque, New Mexico to Bellevue, Washington.

-Mike Harvey begins the Nibble magazine for Apple Computer products.
-Universal Data Systems announces the 103LP 300 bps modem, connecting directly into the phone line, requiring no additional power. Price: US$195.
-Morrow Designs advertises the 26 MB DISCUS M26 hard drive system for US$5000.
-The first issue of S-Eighty is published, for TRS-80 enthusiasts.
-The first issue of Computer Shopper is published.
-Hewlett-Packard completes work on the Capricorn project, producing the HP-85. With a 32-character wide CRT display, small built-in printer, cassette tape recorder, and keyboard, it sold for US$3250.