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More than 20 years ago in February!

-Paul Allen meets with Ed Roberts to demonstrate the newly written BASIC interpreter for the Altair. Despite never having touched an Altair before, the BASIC works flawlessly.
-Bill Gates and Paul Allen license their newly written BASIC to MITS, their first customer. This is the first computer language program written for a personal computer.

-Bill Gates write software routines for BASIC on the Altair to use diskettes for storage.
-Lee Felsenstein and Bob Marsh deliver the first Processor Technology Sol computer to Popular Electronics magazine publisher Les Solomon.
-David Bunnell publishes an open letter from Bill Gates to the microcomputer hobbyists, complaining of software piracy.

-The first ComputerLand franchise is opened in Morristown, New Jersey, under the name Computer Shack.
-Apple Computer moves from Jobs' garage to an office in Cupertino.
-Bill Gates and Paul Allen sign a partnership agreement to officially create the Microsoft company.

-The first major microcomputer bulletin board, run by Ward Christensen and Randy Suess, goes online, in Chicago, Illinois, USA.

-Intel introduces the 8088 microprocessor. It was created as a stepping stone to the 8086, as it operates on 16 bits internally, but supports an 8-bit data bus, to use existing 8-bit device-controlling chips.
-Apple Computer releases DOS 3.2.

-Microsoft begins development on an 8086 version of AT&T's UNIX operating system.
-Sinclair Research announces the ZX80 computer in the North American market. It uses a 3.25-MHz NEC Technologies 780-1 8-bit microprocessor, and comes with 1KB RAM and 4KB ROM.
-Mattel begins shipping the game component of the Intellivision.