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The DC-3 manual
This full version of the Quebecair DC-3 manual is in
Adobe Acrobat pdf format
Click here!
The files are large so be patient, also if at first you get a blank page hit RELOAD on your browser.
  . -Emergency procedures (708 kb)
  . -Operating limitations (303 kb)
  . -Operating procedures (716 kb)
  . -Design features (537 kb)
  . -Performance information (1,786 kb)
The Manual. . -General arrangement part 1 (911 kb)
  . -General arrangement part 2 (1,000 kb)
  . -General arrangement part 3 (1,475 kb)
  . -General arrangement part 4 (902 kb)
  . -General arrangement part 5 (633 kb)
  . -Engine (1,097 kb)
  . -Loading information (691 kb)
Thanks goes to Jean-Pierre Masse for the use of his manual.

Click on the wings to see my Click here! CANUCK

  . .Me in the right seat of the DC-3 in 1971
Some photos.
. .A typical DC-3 cockpit
    .The way it was (photo)
  . .The new Delta DC3
  . .AWC
. .Environment Canada Weather
. .Key to aviation weather report
    .My FLIGHT PLAN FORM interactive
  . .My FLIGHT PLAN FORM for printing
    .LIABILITY WAIVER (pdf file)
    .The History of Flight Chronology
. .Fly magazine January 1911
  / .DC-3 Screen Saver for Windows
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