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More than 20 years ago in August!

-Hewlett-Packard is incorporated.

-Digital Equipment Corporation is founded.

-Scelbi Computer Consulting Company begins design work on what would be the Scelbi-8H processor.

-Motorola introduces its 6800 chip, an early 8-bit microprocessor used in microcomputers and industrial and automotive control devices.

-Paul Terrell receives his order for 50 Apple computers.
-iCOM advertises their "Frugal Floppy" in BYTE magazine, an 8-inch floppy drive, selling for US$1200.
-Several computer hobbyist clubs hold their first convention at the Personal Computing Festival, in Atlantic City, New Jersey.
-Steve Wozniak begins work on the Apple II.

-The PC 77 convention is held in Atlantic City the 27 and 28 of Aug. 150 manufacturers display their computer creation, one of the speaker is Dr John Mauchly.
-Radio Shack (a division of Tandy Corp.) announces the TRS-80 microcomputer, with Z80 CPU, 4KB RAM, 4KB ROM, keyboard, black-and-white video display, and tape cassette for US$600.

-MicroPro introduces WordMaster.
-Digital Equipment opens a retail store in a shopping mall, for selling small computer systems priced below US$10,000.
-Paul Terrell demonstrates the Z80-based Exidy Sorcerer at the Personal Computing Show in Philadelphia.

-Microsoft releases its Assembler language for 8080/Z80 microprocessors.
-Wayne Ratliff develops the Vulcan database program (Ashton- Tate later markets it as dBASE II).

-IBM meets with Microsoft again, and shows plans for Project Chess, a personal computer. The code name for the computer is "Acorn". Bill Gates argues that IBM should use the 16-bit 8086, rather than the 8-bit 8080 processor.
-QDOS 0.10 (Quick and Dirty Operating System) is shipped by Seattle Computer Products. Even though it had been created in only two man-months, the DOS worked surprisingly well. A week later, the EDLIN line editor was created. EDLIN was supposed to last only six months, before being replaced.
-Hal Lashlee and George Tate form Software Plus. The company later changes its name to Ashton-Tate.
-Microsoft announces the Microsoft XENIX OS, a portable and commercial version of the UNIX operating system for the Intel 8086, Zilog Z8000, Motorola M68000, and Digital Equipment PDP-11.
-Apple Computer releases DOS 3.3.