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More than 20 years ago in april!

-IBM unveils the Defense Calculator, its first computer.

-Spacewar! is completed on the PDP-1.

-Charles Tandy buys the Radio Shack Corporation, for free.

-Intel releases its 2-MHz 8080 chip, an 8-bit microprocessor. It can access 64KB of memory. It uses 6000 transistors.

-The 3rd meeting of the Homebrew Computer Club is held.
-Bill Gates and Paul Allen found Micro-Soft (the hyphen is later dropped).
-MITS delivers the first generally-available Altair 8800, sold for US$375 with 1KB memory.
-Bob Marsh and Gary Ingram found Processor Technology.

-Bill Gates writes a second open letter to computer hobbyists, condemning software piracy.
-Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak form the Apple Computer Company, on April Fool's Day.
-The National Semiconductor SC/MP 8-bit microprocessor appears, providing early advanced multiprocessing.

-The First West Coast Computer Faire is held, in San Francisco's Brooks Civic Auditorium. Nearly 13,000 attended the weekend event.
-Commodore Business Machines Inc. unveils its PET computer at the West Coast Computer Faire.
-The PET includes a 6502 CPU, 4KB RAM, 14KB ROM, keyboard, display, and tape drive, for US$600.
-Apple Computer introduces the Apple II at the West Coast Computer Faire. The computer features a 6502 CPU, 4KB RAM, 16KB ROM, keyboard, 8-slot motherboard, game paddles, graphics/text interface to color display, and built-in BASIC, for US$1300. It is the first personal computer with color graphics.

-Microsoft 8080 BASIC wins the ICP Million Dollar Award, the first microprocessor product to do so.
-Taito first shows the Space Invaders game, in Japan.

-Tim Patterson begins writing an operating system for use with Seattle Computer Products 8086-based computer.
-Data General announces the Eclipse MV/8000. Code name during development was Gallifrey Eagle.
-Seattle Computer Products decides to make their own disk operating system (DOS), due to delays by Digital Research in releasing a CP/M-86 operating system.