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Apple II

The personal computer family from Apple that pioneered the microcomputer revolution and has been widely used in schools and home. It uses the 8-bit 6502 microprocessor running at 1MHz, an 8-bit bus and runs under Apple's DOS or ProDOS operating system. AppleSoft BASIC is built into ROM and always available. With a Z80 microprocessor board plugged in, Apple IIs can run CP/M programs, such as dBASE II.
Apple //c

April of 1984, Apple Computer unveils the Apple IIc with an intense publicity extravaganza, at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. Priced at US$1300, 2,000 dealers place orders for more than 52,000 units on the day of its introduction. 
The IIc weighs 7.5 pounds, includes a 5 1/4-inch floppy drive, supports 40 or 80 column screens, and allows both QWERTY and Dvorak keyboard layouts. 

  • 65C02A processor running at 1.4 MHz. 
  • 128k RAM, (expandable to 1MB)
  • 1 printer port
  • 1 ext. disk port
  • 1 serial port
  • 1 mouse or joystick port
  • 1 Video out port (RGB digital)
    • I have two Apple //c
  • Model; A2S4000 Ser; D450FDS
  • Model; A2S4000C Ser; 2A2S4-075033 

The back of the //c
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